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LSC Notary Services specializes in the professional management and witnessing of signatures on official documents within the State of Maryland.  We verify the identity of the individuals signing the documents and check to make sure they're signing without any pressure or intimidation.


Our professionals are impartial, and their work helps to prevent fraud.


As a certified Loan Signing Agent within the State of Maryland, LSC can also provide a Notary who has been trained to handle loan documents.  We present professionalism and courtesy while providing comprehensive assistance to the last step of the loan process. 

LSC Notary Services are responsible for range of duties, including:

  • Witnessing legally binding signatures on documents

  • Affirming the state of mind of all signees

  • Identifying fraud or coercion

  • Completing the notarial certificate on all documents

  • Verifying the identification of contract participants

  • Being present when documents are signed, which may include traveling

  • Administering oaths

  • Handling affidavits, contracts, loan documents, marriage certificates, and other legal documents

  • Bearing witness to items within a safe deposit box or the equivalent

  • Maintaining a notary journal


Scheduling related appointments

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