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When it comes to emergencies, you might ask yourself as a business owner, how can I possibly prepare all of my employees for disasters that may arise? Training for every conceivable emergency can seem daunting.


How are you supposed to know what to train and at what frequency?


Emergency preparedness training can provide the skills to properly react to emergency situations so you can better protect yourself and assist others until responders arrive. Life-threatening emergencies can happen fast, and you may be able to save a life by taking simple actions immediately. 


At LSC, our emergency preparedness training academy will help your company or organization be prepared for all emergency situations, including natural disasters, active shooters, evacuations, and mass casualty events.  We have curated and include training for Emergency Medical (CPR, First Aid, BLS), personal preparedness, security, reporting, communications, shutdown procedures, and continued planning. 


We specialize in creating optimal planning, training, team building, drills and review, and training schedules tailored for your business that include:

  • Individual roles and responsibilities;

  • Threats, hazards, and protective actions;

  • Notification, warning, and communications procedures;

  • Means for locating family members in an emergency;

  • Emergency response procedures;

  • Evacuation, shelter, and accountability procedures;

  • Location and use of common emergency equipment; and

  • Emergency shutdown procedures.


Training opportunities include both in-person and web based offerings

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